Pictures of Our House

Courtesy of Patri's Digital Camera (and his Lust for Technology). As usual on the web, clicking on thumbnails gets you the big picture. It should be noted that these pictures were taken before the Zardiackas' moved out, and so the furniture and decorations (like the Carol Grigg above the front door) are out-of-date. We will put up new pictures when we finish moving in (late June). An important change that has been made already is that all the carpet downstairs has been removed to reveal beautiful gleaming hardwood floors, and we put in a new dining room floor.

 [Picture:  Outside of House]

House from outside

 [Picture:  Side Yard]

Side yard that Patri hopes to turn into a Japenese Garden

 [Picture:  Pool & Patio]

Our Pool and Patio

 [Picture:  Pool & Hot Tub]

Pool and Hot Tub

  [Picture:  Kitchen & Patio]

Pool, Patio, and Kitchen

  [Picture:  Darwin Door]

The Darwin Door

 [Picture:  Entryway]

Our Entryway and its Doors

 [Picture:  Pool Table & Bar]

The upstairs Party Zone w/ Pool Table and Bar.


The Living Room (now has hardwood floor)

 [Picture:  Loft]

Upstairs loft (and spiral staircase)

 [Picture:  Kitchen]


The invisible room,with our invisible bunny in its invisible cage eating invisible carrots.


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