This website is far from complete, and we expect many questions, some of which will have answers that are useful to others. Also there are a large number of organizational and design issues to be worked out. For this we wish to draw upon the power of our community of friends, and form a mailing list devoted to discussing the IC. Subscribers need not be committed to join the initial group, although the input of such individuals will naturally carry more weight. Rather, they should share our vision enough that *if* they were based in our area, they would strongly consider joining the community, and have a reasonable chance of being in our area in the next 5-10 years. This mailing list was created on 9/23/99. More details are below, but to join, just email ba-ic-discussion-subscribe@topica.com. You can also access the list using the web.

Notification List

For those who wish to be kept updated on the status of the community, but who do not wish to actively participate in discussion, a notification list was also created on 9/23/99. To join, just email ba-ic-announce-subscribe@topica.com. You can also access the list using the web. To unsubscribe, email ba-ic-announce-unsubscribe@topica.com, or go to the lists website, www.topica.com/lists/ba-ic-announce.

List Details

These lists have been created using topica.com, a free mailing list host system. You can subscribe to and access the lists either by email or on the web. To use Topica's website you must register with them, which is easy and free. To just use email, no registration is necessary.

To subscribe to the discussion list, send email to ba-ic-discussion-subscribe@topica.com, or go to the website www.topica.com/lists/ba-ic-discussion. To unsubscribe, use the website, or send an email to ba-ic-discussion-unsubscribe@topica.com. For those with multiple email addresses, remember that all unsubscription requests and mail to the list must be sent (or more accurately, must appear to be sent) from the address you used to subscribe. You can send email to the list through the website, or by emailing ba-ic-discussion@topica.com. Archives of the list are automatically maintained at the topica website.

Please respect standard mailing list ettiquitte. This means:

To learn how you can help with the project, check out the next section.

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