Pictures of Our House

Here are some pictures from our housewarming party, held on 6/24/00. As usual on the web, clicking on thumbnails gets you the big picture.

Looking down through the Darwin Door at the patio area.

Ian, Kim, and Seema in the living room.

Chuck & Carrie looking trés cute on our teak patio chairs.

Patio & Pool again.

 (left to right) Shannon, Treasa, and Seema at the bar.

Dinner Sunday night. (Clockwise from lower left) Röb, Kim, John Larkin, Ebeth, dawn, Seema, Kevin Watkins, Anna, RIF.

Foreground: Stacey T. Background: People playing a card game in the party zone.

Patri takes a brief moment out from hosting to chill in the entryway.

Röb & Troy.


More gaming.



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