Pictures of our house, furnished & decorated by us

These pictures stem from July, 2000. Some of them are fuzzy, unfortunately - Patri is no better at maintaining stability in digital cameras than anywhere else in his life. As usual on the web, clicking on thumbnails gets you the big picture.


Our entryway, now decorated with two pictures of Koi.


The living room, with a view to the exterior courtyard.


Another shot of the living room, showing our social setup.


Our dining room.


Dining room and kitchen. We put the parquet floor in ourselves.


In the first floor residential wing, this is the front bedroom, currently unoccupied and used for invading hordes of Mudders.


The master bedroom, a convenient place to put all the furniture that wouldn't go anywhere else.


Patri's room, done in lavender and unfinished pine.


Our teak patio furniture fills the courtyard.


The library & reading nook.


Another shot of the library, showing our NOC (server, hub, DSL modem) and the spiral staircase.


Upstairs, we have a window seat, which Anna is using appropriately.


Rob & Anna daringly took the tiniest upstairs bedroom. In order to make room for their stuff, Anna designed a custom open closet using IKEA parts that takes up an entire wall.


The other end of the closet, and their door.


This is Dawn's room, with her animals.


Dawn's view, Majestic Dawn


We don't drink beer, so Anna redid the pool table's light fixture and replaced the Coors logo with something we can all appreciate.


This is the lofted area upstairs, which has our mega-DVD playing system and our arts & crafts supplies.


Last Modified: July, 2000

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